A new VIB Bio-incubator

A new VIB BIO-Incubator

To support the expansion of the Flemish biotech sector VIB is building an ultramodern bio-incubator in partnership with PMV and supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). VIB Bio-incubator will offer state-of-the-art lab infrastructure to 10 to 15 biotech companies that want to start up activity in Flanders’ Ghent region, such as:

  • Local biotech startups
  • Spin-outs from existing companies
  • Foreign biotech companies that are looking for a European location

The VIB Bio-Incubator can accommodate both biopharmaceutical and agro-biotech companies. In addition, the building will also be the new home of VIB headquarters.

The VIB Bio-Incubator will rent out adapted state-of-the-art infrastructure in combination with several related services such as persons and goods reception, environmental management, ICT-network support, waste management, security, building management, and maintenance.

The VIB Bio-Incubator offers 22 individual modules of 272 m² each spread over 6 floors. The modules on the same floor can be connected to allow starters to grow within the incubator. Comfortable stairways and elevators connect the different floors. In addition to furnished lab areas, each module includes offices, support space, and storage space.

To promote interaction between the companies on each floor there are informal meeting corners and flexible workplaces.

On the ground floor you will find a reception desk, cafeteria, multi-functional meeting rooms, waste and storage space, in-house bicycle storage with all necessary sanitary accommodation to promote sustainable commuting, and an outdoor terrace and garden.

The facilities will be available by end of 2023. For more urgent needs VIB has also an incubator at Tech Lane Ghent Science Park campus Ardoyen offering similar infrastructure for biotech companies.

For a preview of this new incubator:

For further information on VIB’s incubators, please contact Wim Goemaere – wim.goemaere@vib.be.